Thursday, 22 February 2018

WALT respond to texts online

WALT respond to texts online

Today I have commented on others blogs by giving positive comments, thoughtful comments and helpful comments. I have taken screenshots of feedback I gave to 4 students.

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

WALT: always show our school values?

WALT: always show our school values.
Today I have written down many ways of how to show our school values inside the school and outside for example, I can show the school value Manaakitanga by caring for others needs.
Here is the link to my DLO:

WALT:encourage ourselves to always have a growth mindset.

WALT: encourage ourselves to always have a growth mindset.
I have chosen a quote that I found interesting, I have chosen this quote because I think that this quote relates to me.

Bio Poems

Here is a my Bio poem, this bio poem is basically is information about me for example, I wrote down some of my qualities, what my fears are, what I love to do, and what I would like from others.

Kiwisport reflection

Kiwisport reflection:

This morning the Kia manawanui class went out for kiwisport, homegroup 1 went to kiwisport while homegroup 2 pratise playing softball. In homegroup 1 there was me, Lydia, Stephney, Angel, Monita, Star, Constance, Cerenity, Patience, Mary-jane, Lizzy, Amon, Mahara and Wallymei. 

For Kiwisport we had tennis with Peter, He taught us how to hold the tennis racket, hit with the tennis racket and how to hit at the right speed. We first played a warm up game, in order to play this warm up game you will need a partner, once you have your partner you will need to face each other with a tennis ball in between the partners. once you've done that you'll have to get someone to yell out, "HEAD, SHOULDERS, FEET, HIPS, BALL." Once that person yells "BALL" that's you cue to grab the ball as quick as you can before your partner does.

After playing a warm up game we each got a tennis racket and faced each other getting ready to play against each other, My partner was Stephney, the main thing we needed to do was to practise hitting the ball softly but not to soft. After that Peter called us in and picked a card, whatever card he picked was the number of how much we had to hit the ball to our partner without messing up, it was really hard for me and Stephney we almost had 2 points but we messed up I think that playing tennis is awesome because to me playing tennis is like an excrise.

I enjoyed Kiwisport today it was amazing and exhausting but mostly fun. I am looking forward to the nex sessoin of Kiwisport.

Monday, 19 February 2018


I have learnt so much about my Hauora, My Hauora has helped me alot and is importanat to me I think that from now on I am going to take care of myself by improving everything meaing my Hauora.

Friday, 2 February 2018

School Values - My Goals

Today I have learnt that it is imortant to show that you care about others and that showing
the school value is important everywhere you go. Here is a DLO related to my
School Value goals.

Task link